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Patented Technology

Inherently Quiet

The A9, 9mm AR15 barrel is now available.

Currently available-

R2 - .22lr stainless barrel for the Ruger 10/22 (18", 0.92" OD)

A9 - 9mm AR15  stainless barrel (16", 0.99" OD) 

All Leone Development barrels use the same patented design to silence.

We’re Leone Development LLC, and we’re proud to be innovators of the highest standard, using cutting-edge, patented technology to lead the industry forward. Our new patented design changes the game of quiet shooting by approaching sound reduction from a completely different philosophy. Unlike conventional suppression, our design has standard rifling from chamber to muzzle; without baffles or turbulence to contend with.  High pressure gasses are decompressed at a specific point from behind the bullet while still in the bore under control of the lands and grooves before the bullet exits the muzzle. Nothing to silence as the barrel was never loud to begin with (lower bore pressure results in a very quiet shot). In addition, full power ammunition is slowed to just below the speed of sound. Effective with most standard and high velocity ammo. Let us know if you have any questions about our process.

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