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Save your ears

Replacement barrels by Leone Development, LLC turn your stock rifle into a quiet gun without the use of suppression. Our brand new, patented technology is NOT an integrally suppressed barrel. This allows for many advantages from cost savings on ammunition to improved accuracy, all while maintaining the quietest shooting you've ever experienced!

Advantages to the Leone replacement barrel...

  • No extended length or added weight - Your rifle looks and feels like it always did

  • No need for sub-sonic ammo - Keeps costs down as you don't need to buy that premium stuff the suppressor people sell

  • Bullet under the control of lands and grooves the entire length of barrel - Improves accuracy!

  • No baffles or alignment - No maintenance issues like the other guys

  • Works with stock actions - No modifications needed, a drop in replacement for your existing barrel

  • Simple and reliable design - Does not lose efficiency with every use

Save your ears, don't disturb the neighbors, ultra quiet for hunting applications, the list of advantages of a silenced rifle goes on and on...

If you would like to learn more about our patented replacement barrels, please head to the contact form at the top of the page, or call us at (360) 553-5191.

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